Democracy In America

Democracy is one of the oldest political form of government in the world in general, and in America in particular, in fact the Democratic party is the oldest political party in the United States, and maybe the world. A democratic political system is, according to Aristotle, characterized by freedom, of which there are two facets, ruling and being ruled. The people rule by electing the members of the government, who in turn represent the people and are in charge of ruling the nation. However, it has been argued that the notion of democracy in America was not borrowed from ancient Greece philosophers, but rather that Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and other founding fathers were inspired by the democratic political system practiced by the Iroquois. The Iroquois, a North American tribe of indigenous people, had a type of government where decisions were made through community consensus. A treaty had to be confirmed by 75% of the male voters and 75% of the mothers, otherwise it wasn’t considered binding. It is important to note that women held actually exercised real power and were able to reject treaties, declarations of war and even demote leaders.
The democracy of America arguably started with the Bill of Rights in 1791, which contained the first ten amendments to the Constitution and warranted the people a series of rights including freedom of speech and religious practice, and also prevented the government from becoming omnipotent. The Democratic party was founded almost 40 years later, and for most of its history, it has supported liberal positions and favored farmers, laborers, laborers, labor union, as well as religious and ethnic minorities. Lately, democrats have defended more social freedoms, affirmative action, balanced budget, and free enterprise. They believe that the government should play a major role in relieving poverty and social injustice.
The other major in the USA democratic political system is the Republican party, founded in 1854 and that represents American conservationism, as opposed to the liberal stance of the democrats. However, they both exists under the broader umbrella of democracy in America. In fact, a plurality of parties is absolutely necessary for the survival of the democracy of America, and this is embodied in what is known as the “third party”, a term used to designate all the other parties like the Green party, and also includes independent parties. While they are unlikely to succeed, they are vital to the democratic process, since a key element of the democracy in America and the rest of the world is suffrage, or the right to vote. As was mentioned earlier, one of the main characteristics of the democracy is the power of the people to elect its representatives in the government.
This last aspect of the democracy of America was recently seen in exercise, during the 2010 elections, when the people elected democrat Barack Obama to hold the office of president, and while the Democratic party lost the majority in the House of Representatives, it continues to keep a majority of the seats in Senate.