What is a Commonwealth Country?

Political systems have bloomed and died in the few thousand years that human societies have existed, they have gone in all directions, from Theocracies to Communism and everything in between, some have lasted for thousands of years, and some others remain still a utopia. Imperialism, was a successful system that has also evolved into more modern and different systems such as the figure known as Commonwealth.
The British empire at its peak reached astonishing numbers in 1922 with more than 34 million km2 and almost 460 million people (25% of the world population at that time). However, by the year 1867 Canada had the distinction of being the first Dominion (self governed) of the British empire and in doing so, giving place to the birth of a new era for the British empire. Dominions were actually the beginnings of every nation part of this empire. Then, in 1884, a British politician named Lord Rosebury, while being in Australia, first envisioned the beginnings of a common wealth of nations. In 1926, these Dominions sought a clearer constitutional definition and were defined as being communities with autonomy within the British empire.
Places like India (the biggest British colony) became a Dominion shortly before their status as a free nation was granted to them by the empire. For India, this day came back in January 1950, just over 60 years ago. The Commonwealth has evolved from those times to the present. Nowadays, it is composed by 54 nations, from which 52 were part of the British empire at some point in the past (exceptions being Rwanda and Mozambique). The Commonwealth of Nations is not a political alliance, but rather an international governmental organization, that shares values such as liberty and democracy and shares goals such as world peace and free trade.
The Commonwealth is also know for its Commonwealth Family, Commonwealth Foundation and Commonwealth Games. As times went by and the figure of an empire was no longer viable, the British empire made the best out of this unstoppable effect and in a gradual and probably painful and long process evolved from an Empire made of conquered nations, to a union of free nations with common interests values and goals that treats every nation as equals.
In the evolution of this empire through time into a community of nations, we have pretty much seen a reflection of our political systems and how they have evolved from monarchies to democracies in most cases. This process has not been easy, and several controversies have arisen in several contexts including the racial one. Anti apartheid efforts and discussions about it were also part of its forums.